A dream and a date, Xel-Há Triathlon

A dream and a date, Xel-Há Triathlon

Nov 12, 2011

All you need is a dream

Xel-Há Triathlon 2011

If we are to achieve our dream, that is, ensure that it will come true and not just imagine it, the ideal is to work to give our best. Even if our best meant being the last to cross the finish line, that is our best effort and just for that fact it should make us feel worthy and proud to at least try, when to others what you do is crazy. All you need is a dream … a date to meet that dream.


“When you’re ready to share your dream including others, There are almost no limits to the results you can achieve. The impossible is at your fingertips”

A curious fact: In Africa, every morning a gazelle awakens. He knows that to stay alive, it must run faster than the lion.

The lion also wakes up every morning and knows he must catch the slowest of the gazelles not to starve. Whether you’re a lion or a gazelle when the sun rises, it is best that you are running. In the end no it doesn’t matter if in your life you have decided to be a lion or a gazelle, what matters is that athletes have decided to be one of those rare human beings who look beyond the point they are sure will achieve, the important thing is you do not care for what others do or say, for being different, being the crazy people who wake up before dawn, when most of the “normal” people are still sleeping and all this because we are trying to be better human beings. One cannot get comfortable and get what you want. No way, this is it, and although none of us have a guarantee that we will achieve what we want to get out of our comfort zone, we risk and we do it.

Triathlon Xelha 2011 has a new dream to offer.

Our Dates, November 19th and 20th, 2011 Sprint and Olympic Triathlon National Series.


Birds of a feather

For many years the city of Monterrey, California, was a paradise for pelicans. It was the place chosen by many companies to install their fishing canneries, so that the birds never lacked food, feasted with the debris of the fishermen did not have to work for it.

However, over time, the amount of fish on the coast of California decreased and factories were closing. Then the pelicans were in trouble. These birds are excellent fishing, they fly in groups on the waves and when they find a school of fish they throw themselves into the water to catch them. But Monterrey pelicans had not fish in years; they were overweight and had become lazy.

Environmentalists in the region struggled to find a solution, until they found a way to help the birds: they brought pelicans from another region and mingled with the locals. The new arrivals immediately began to fish for food and, before long; the hungry native birds regained their instinctive habit of eating fish. If you’re hungry for success, one of the best ways to make things start to work is that you surround yourself with people who are getting the results they want.

This is why the Organizing Committee of the 2011 Xel-Há Triathlon is excited to begin a new era in the history of our event, as only being our 3rd year, is an honor to be part of the National Triathlon Tour 2011 with the strong desire and conviction to provide the best event in our region focusing on our athletes from Quintana Roo. At the same time we want to invite all athletes in the country to come share with us this beautiful setting, one of the most beautiful and visited our Mexico. If your dreams are unique, you can only achieve them with a team of the same characteristics.

While a vision begins with one person it can only be done with the performance of many. That’s called team and that’s what we made today by organizing this event for you. This team, which forms the Xel-Há Triathlon 2011, wants to convey that we believe that dreaming is possible, common and ordinary people like us and as you all can accomplish great feats. A housewife can become an athlete, an overweight person can get in shape, a runner can overcome fear of water and become a triathlete, a businessman with three children and very little free time can continue devoting time and quality to his job and his family and become a competitive athlete, a couple with different activities that feel love and admiration for each other on what each one does well, can also share their passion for the sport. It is to that kind people that we invite to attend our event.

Do not forget we have an appointment, November 19th and 20th, 2011, Triathlon Xel-Há to fulfill a new dream.


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