Train for three sports, compete in one

Train for three sports, compete in one

Nov 16, 2011

Triathlon Xel-Há 2011

What it takes to do a triathlon

In the world of endurance sports that only consist of a single discipline (swimming, cycling and running), it is said that triathletes are “good for all and master of none”. Competing in a sport such as triathlon requires a high degree of skills to perfect three sports into one.




Certainly, many people who compete in triathlon has had previous experience in any of the three disciplines (swim, bike or run) but the best athletes are those who see the sport as one. The ability to train in this way requires a lot of strategy and the understanding it is not easy to achieve, especially for those new to the sport. Whether you are a beginner triathlete or a more experienced triathlete, this article will discuss the importance of building a training strategy to improve in all three disciplines.

As with any sport, the ability to maximize your strength in one area can give you good results. However common mistakes most people do is train fortresses more and ignore weaknesses. It is true that there is not much fun in training something that we are not very good at, but if we do, is where most of the benefits will be achieve.



This does not mean you leave the training discipline you master. What you do is an analysis, taking time to research how long you can take to improve in every discipline and split the time you have according to this analysis. For example: If you are a slow swimmer, a decent runner and a strong cyclist, your training should reflect an emphasis on improving swimming, running and maintaining your performance on the bike. Depending on what your strength and improving your weakness (eg. pull down a minute of your time swimming) will not always result in huge gains in your times of competition, but in terms of improving your confidence and enjoy the competition will be of great benefit.

Understanding The Purpose of The Program.



One of the keys to successful training is the “why” of the training program. Many people make the mistake of making the wrong program with the philosophy of “all or nothing”. Making a very intense workout every day or vice versa, giving less of the potential they have, denying the opportunity to your body and mind of improving.

Proper training as we have seen on the program we put on the page, includes a base period in which to build an aerobic base that will hold the speed training and pre competition of the upcoming months.

Failure to follow an appropriate plan we will take us to not meeting performance goals and will make your body at risk of injury.

Celebrate with us our love for nature and sports

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