TIPS: What to wear for a triathlon

TIPS: What to wear for a triathlon

Nov 4, 2011

Triathlon Xel-Há 2011

Getting ready for the competition

We are less than two weeks to start the Triathlon Xel Ha 2011. We hope this article might be helpful for your comepetition. Are you ready to celebrate nature and sports with us?





Appropriate Swimwear and aligned with the regulations of the Mexican Federation of Triathlon. Suits called: TRISUITS are a very good idea, and you’re ready for all disciplines. Usually they dry very quickly, but may be cool in the first part of the bike ride.


Cycling and Running

Wear brightly coloured clothing. Studies have shown that colours pink, yellow, orange, green or other “loud” are more visible to drivers, night time use reflective vest.




Carry front and rear lighting devices on your bike

During training try several different types of shoes and when you find the one that feels great, fits perfect, and never blisters no matter how far you run, then this is the shoe on race day.
Remember: It is best to wear your “used” shoes always, the ones with whom you feel comfortable, prevent constipation at the event.



Another option is to wear a bathing suit and do a complete change of clean cycling clothes, dry and warm. Then do another complete change in the transition of two in running clothes. Prefer goods made in Dry Fit fabric to allow your body to perspire while the clothes dry quickly. The clothes you choose should fit to a comfort level on the day of the event.

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