Sports in the Riviera Maya

Sports in the Riviera Maya

Apr 25, 2012

Preparing for the Triathlon:

Triathlete Magazine Visits Xel-Há

Xel-Há Park in the Riviera Maya had the honor of hosting the California-based magazine Triathlete in the company of four triathlon athletes who posed for the magazine and used the Park and its various locations such as the beach area, the creek and the Stone of Courage as their background.

Triathlete magazine en la Riviera Maya


The visit was very important, as it serves to highlight the beauty of the destination while creating sporting relationships. The young athletes with their staff enjoyed the attractive of Xel-Há Park and witness an amazing sunrise that was featured in many of the photographs.


Triathlete Magazine en XelHa, RivieraMaya

The editor of the publication, Bethany Mavis, said she was very happy and speaking a little Spanish, thanked the Park for this visit. On the hands of Photographer Demian Noble, the athletes posed for the camera and in a fun way stressed their joy of being in the Mexican Caribbean.


Riviera Maya, Xel-Ha con Triathlete Magazine Xel-Ha con Triathlete Magazine



Triathlons are a sport that has gained a boom in the recent years in Latin American, especially in countries like Mexico. The Riviera Maya hosts the Xel-Há Triathlon, which takes place in November and welcomes internationally renowned competitors.

We invite everyone to do partake in a sport, always respecting the nature that enriches our environment.

Tell us, which is your favorite sport to practice and why?

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