HOW TO: Build a nativity scene from recycled material

Celebrate Christmas and take care of the environment

Nativity made of recycled material

The figures of Mary, Joseph,  angels and shephers during the Christmas season represent an ancient tradition for many Mexican families: The Birth of Baby Jesus. Its development requires imagination, skill and creativity.

With your creativity you can contribute to a message of peace at Christmas with your own resources. Don’t forget to recycle and reuse. Beware of the environment!  Work green and celebrate a tradition that is alive in the hearts of our customs.

Here are some examples on how you can use your own resources for the Nativity Representation:

Cardboard: You can use a shoe box of cereal or crackers to form the stable
Decomposed series lights to decorate the birth. Some of the houses you can use to decorate the landscape.
Rolls of toilet paper for the shepherds
Cover Threads: for the base of the faces. Paint them or cut out a circle of cardboard
Pieces of cans of different colors for the robes and shepherds
White yarn to roll them in the sheep
Newspaper cut into strips, to decorate the way

Some photos collected online can help you to generate ideas for your birth scene:

Materials: yogurt bottles dressed in scraps of cloth, CD’s  and pieces of wood.

Materials: syringes, vials of serum drugs and other health equipment

Materials: yoghurt containers, PET bottles, screw caps and liters of soda.


AtXel-Há we constantly look for the equilibrium between the economy that generates wealth and development, and the maintenance of the environmental, social and cultural basis that characterises our country.

One of our tasks has been the promotion of environmental awareness to all our visitors. We hope these tips will help you to celebrate Christmas and be aware of  the environment. Remember it’s always a good time to raise awareness of the resources we use.

Let’s celebrate and bring the warmth and joy of the Christmas spirit!

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